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Democratization of photography: cartes de visite

These small postcards found in family albums and antique shops represent the start of photography at massive scale. The “portrait cards” or cartes de visite, CDV, (name by which they were known throughout the world), were small albumen print impressions, of sizes around 3.5 x 2 in (8.9 x 5.1 cm). Printed on very thin… Read More

Interlude with photographic archives from the past

To gain experience with digital software and equipment, in 1999 I digitized the albums my father created around the 1950s, with photographs his family sent him while studying overseas. I spend months removing the mold’s damage and cracks and repairing the faces, hands, and apparels of various of my ancestors. I also discovered how to… Read More

Entremés con archivos fotográficos del pasado

Para ganar experiencia con programas y equipos digitales, en 1999 digitalicé los álbumes que mi padre elaboró con las fotografías que le enviara su familia mientras estudiaba en el exterior. Por varios meses, me concentré en quitarle a dichos archivos, hongos, rayas, y a arreglar rostros, dedos y atuendos de muchos de mis antepasados. También… Read More